High School Soccer Coaching Jobs, What are the Qualifications?

Are you a bachelor from sports education especially soccer? Do you want to find high school soccer coaching jobs? Before starting to collect your application letter, you better need to learn what you should you prepared. Read the following tips below.

What is the Foundation to Get High School Soccer Coaching Jobs?

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Applying for high school soccer coaching jobs doesn’t mean you have to be a former best player, but you need to know how to articulate or express some certain soccer skills to the high school athletes. As a high school soccer athlete coach, you need also need to know how to coach young soccer players to develop their skills.

· Familiarize with Coaching Young Players
Coaching high school is different with college or professional level soccer players. With good coaching skills, a coach can catch high school skilled players and bring them to be varsity even professional players. They are still in the stage to get more attention and direction to be better.
You can start with watching high school level practices and matches to learn about young players. Start to observe how the high school coaches teach them. You can also volunteering to be high school coach assistant so you can learn directly. In this way, you also build at the same time a network for future opportunities.

· Get Coaching Experience from Experts
Collect some information about local high school coaches who have successfully brings the team to win some leagues. Schedule an interview with them to ask and learn about how they teach young players. You can also collect information about open volunteer in the recreational leagues. They usually don’t require coaching licenses or coaching experiences.

Learn from Soccer Coaching Books

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Beside learn directly from experts or do a fieldwork, you can also learn the coaching technique from some soccer coaching books. The books are usually written by professional coaches who have numerous experiences in coaching any kind of soccer players. Here the list of recommended books for you:

· Coaching Youth Soccer
The book is written by American Sport Education Program. Since the book is written by official American soccer sources, you can say that this is the best one. You can find the basics and rules of soccer game for beginner. There are also the discussions about communication skills, scheduling tips, and training drills for coaches.
· New Coaches Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer
In the book, Robert Koger is focusing the discussion for newbie coach. You can find all about coaching things such as discipline, communication, drills and scheduling.
· Brazilian Soccer Academy
After retired as a professional soccer player, Eduardo Andriatti Paulo wrote a great coaching soccer book. A first-year coach can read about the basics learning and teaching in the soccer game. The book also brings you to level up to the top level soccer play skills.

What are the Important Qualifications?

Lastly, the most important qualification to get high school soccer coaching jobs is state or national coaching certificate. For example, in U.S you can get the certificate from National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) after pursuing high school coaches or premier diploma. The other major institution is National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS) through National Coach Certification Program.

Other than knowledge about soccer, the other important qualifications usually also include first aid and CPR certificates, background check, and drug test.