Practicing Soccer with US Soccer Training Center

With more than 13 million Americans currently playing soccer, this team sport is the third most popular in the US after baseball and basketball. It is even more popular than football, whose term is used outside the US to refer to the sport. Despite the fact that the United States’ biggest soccer league competition, the MLS, is still a relatively young competition as it did not begin until shortly after the country hosted the 1994 World Cup, the sport has become very popular today.

Training camps for both amateur and professional players that are organized by the US Soccer training center always attracts a lot of participants. For fans who are interested to train soccer not only as a leisure sport, but also as a career, US Soccer training center can be a great channel for them to bring their dream into reality.

Programs Organized by US Soccer Training Center

US Soccer or the popular name for the USSF, the official governing body of soccer sport in the United States. US Soccer training center has been carrying out soccer training program that aims at transforming professional players playing in various MLS clubs into world-class players as well as discovering new talents among young players and developing their skill.

The training center has scheduled year-round training programs that are conducted in various cities in this country. The schedule of those programs can be checked at US Soccer’s official website.

How to Train with US Soccer

Participation in programs organized by US Soccer training center can be arranged by filling a form available on US Soccer’s website. It is also possible to participate in those programs by getting enrolled in any private training institutes that can be found across the country.

In Bradenton, Florida, for instance, participants can get enrolled in IMG Academy to participate in year-round soccer camps organized by the federation.